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    Tanja Gsell

    Tanja Gsell

    I grew up in a little village in southern Germany, where I already played my first part in Elementary school. This was mainly due to my already pronounced openness and loud manner. In my secondary school, I was a member of the theater company of the school and the youth theatre group. Thanks to these experiences and the joy of playing, it was clear to me, that I wanted to make acting my profession. For me, one of the most beautiful feelings is to touch others through my play, the effort to challenge myself more and more and the subsequent exhaustion. For me, this means real and honest satisfaction. After secondary school, I completed my Abitur at the Business School, while I attended various workshops at drama schools in Mannheim, Freiburg, Ludwigsburg and other cities. These experiences strengthened my desire to become an actress, which is why I began my education at the acting school in Ludwigsburg. Within these three years I was able to learn a lot, develop personally and I look forward to new experiences more than ever.

    As an actress, I like to slip into ironic or offensive roles, but I'm just as much looking forward to new challenges as brave, shy or more reclusive roles.



    born:   17.10.1993 in Balingen
    acting age:   16 - 26
    weight:   53 kg
    height:   163 cm
    size:   34/36
    hair:   light brown
    eyes:   brown

    languages:   german (mother tongue), english (fluent)
    sports:   tennis, table-tennis, artistics, zumba, yoga
    music:   guitar (basics), mezzo-soprano
    dance:   modern, argentinian tango, ballet (basics)
    driver's licence:  car
    accommodations   Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, Balingen, Meersburg(Bodensee), München

    Here you can download my CV:

    Vita (german)
    CV (english)


    2013-2016:  drama study at the On Stage Academy Ludwigsburg


    Theatrical performances 
    2019: „Time to Go“- part: Friend – dirctor: Trisha Jauchler
    2019: „Ein lichter Raum, Namens Tag“ - part: Josy - dirctor: Tobias Constien
    2016: „Die Zofen“ - part: Gnädige Frau - dirctor: Manfred Riedel
    2015: „7 jüdische Kinder“ - part: diverse - dirctor: Dagmar Claus
    2014: „Auf der Greifswalder Straße“ - part: Simona – dirctor: Manfred Riedel
    2014: „In weiter Ferne“ - part: Joan - director: Manfred Riedel

    Radio plays 
    2019: „Time to Go“- part: Mother – dirctor: Trisha Jauchler

    Rotary experience 
    2021: „Es ist nicht alles wie es scheint“- part: Wolkow - short film - director: Tanja Gsell
    2020: „Theatertherapeutische Behandlung einer psychosomatischen Krankheit“- part: Student - experimental - director: Tobias Constien
    2018: „Occult“- part: Anja - pilot: André Herter
    2018: „Geschwister“- part: Pauline - music video - dirctor: Carolin Stahl
    2018: „Kleister im Kopf“- part: Protagonistin - music video - dirctor: Nina Bauer
    2018: „Nous“- part: Emily Miller - short film - dirctor: Max Kaminski
    2017: „Anstaltsbereich 04“ - part: Studentin - short film - dirctor: Mandy Kricke
    2017: „Escape - The Series" - part: Livy - pilot - dirctor: Wesley Tc Howard
    2017: „Kleine Sünden"- part: Katarina - short film - dirctor: Marie Marxmeier
    2017: „Soulfriends“ - part: Lay - short film - dirctor: Hanna Sprau
    2017: „Finde deinen Spirit“ - part: protagonist - image film - dirctor: Nadja Wöhner
    2016: „Freedom“ - part: protagonist - music video - dirctor: Anton Ungefug
    2016: „Wildnis“ - part: Linda - short film - director: Jasper Graeve
    2014: „Safe cell“ - part: Myka Hanson (Agentin) - Intro for a computer game – dirctor: Shaymaa Mawad


    Short films


    Tanja Gsell
    E-Mail: TanjaGsell@gmx.de

    Agency: Agentur Claudia Böck
    Bert-Brecht-Allee 13 in D-81737 München
    Phone: 0049 89 670924
    Mobile Phone: 0049 179 200 52 28
    E-Mail: cb@agenturboeck.de